Sunday, March 11, 2007

Term Paper

The Term Essay is open topic, and is due April 6th in my Department mailbox(*). For the inevitable excuses or good-reasons-exclusive-of-those-exceptions-published-in-the-syllabus, there is a buffer period wherein late penalties will be waived until noon Monday, April 16th. (**)
The Open Topic will incorporate at least two of the primary course texts and be organised around central course themes. It is not required but advised that an outline of your paper or a draught of your thesis paragraph be discussed in advance of the due date with the Lecturer in Office Hours.

Update: I have added an option for a creative scholarly paper. For this option, you would detail strict failure standards for my written approval, and submit by the deadline a crative alternative to the full-length essay accompanied by a three-to-four page (i.e. a thousand word)scholarly justification for your project.
Update II; See here for more detail.
(*) Changed from April 4th in lecture, to match the previously published Syllabus.
(**) This is the last minutes so no more room to negotiate!
Update III: Assignment Deadlines.
There is a four percent per day late penalty for assignments, documented medical or bereavement leave excepted. For medical exemptions, provide a letter from a physician on letterhead which declares his or her medical judgement that illness or injury prevented work on the essay. The letter must cover the entire period over which the assignment was scheduled and may be verified by


Ron said...
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Heather Salmon said...
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ann ogawa said...

hello professor! is it alright to email you our proposal and failure standards? or will you like it if we can into office hours? just asking because i thought i would start on my creative project this weekend.

Dr. Stephen Ogden said...

Dear Ann:
E-mail is quite fine, especially as I will be in tutorial visits for several of my office hours the coming week.

Heather Salmon said...

So just let me get this straight:

Because you've extended the deadline so long, when you say "There is no more room for negotion", do you mean that you will not be accepting papers after Monday, or do you mean that you will still accept papers after Monday, but you will be doling out the grade deductions you mentioned above, except in the case of medical emergency, etc.?