Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Course Facebook Group

I have set up a course group on, primarily as a gallery for your individual photographs and names so that I can more quickly attach the proper names to your faces.

If your profile on the group page has a recognisable image of you, that's great. If not, would you please upload an image of yourself to the "photos" section.

Of this, participation in the facebook group is purely voluntary: it is quite understandable that one would not want one's digital image available online. It has come to pass, however, that facebook is all-but ubiquitous (not to my liking, as I've said!)

The group is called "English 340_1091" and if you search within facebook using that character string, minus the quotation marks, it will take you to the group link. You can also search withing the "groups" link on the facebook homepage, again using the full character string: English 340_1091

(Alternatively, try clicking on the title of this post for a clumsier method of access.)

Once you are joined, please leave a message on the discussion board with your order of preference for the research group for our class project on Parade's End.

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